1 : 1 Program


From feeling stressed and unfulfilled to calmness, joy and connection.

Within 12 weeks you will learn how to take care of and stay connected with your inner wealth, so you can enjoy your external life to the fullest.

Inner Wealth Provider Psychologist Hypnosis Program

You can probably relate to some of the following:

• You can make a long list of things why you should feel fulfilled, yet you are not.


• You keep on delaying your happiness by telling yourself when I have another job I will be more happy, when I have more money I will be happy, when I have my ideal body I will be happy etc.


• You are longing for peace of mind but you think that’s not available to you, because your mind is always jumping around like a monkey.


• You are justifying the way you feel, because of what happened in the past or because of your current situation or because of the things you fear in the future.

• You desire meaningful connections and secretly you think the others around you need to change so you can feel good. If only my partner would be more caring, if only my children would listen to me, if only my boss would show appreciation. 

Most likely you just never learned in the past how to take care of your inner wealth. And you are definitely not the only one!

It doesn't have to stay like this!
Change is possible and even faster than you might think.

Free yourself from the past

Create and experience life build on trust

Feel unconditionally happy, calm and fulfilled

Be highly confident to be you

Experience meaningful connections

Off course you can keep on trying on your own. You can keep on waiting for the right moment for years, control or change your external world over and over again (another job, another car, another partner, another house) and hoping for calmness, joy and connection to spontaneously knock at your door. But I promise you in three months from now nothing will be changed. And meanwhile you could also dive deep and fly high, so you can transform the way you experience life.

After three months at the one on one program The Inner Wealth Explosion you will understand yourself at a deep level and knowing the root cause of your struggles. This valuable knowledge makes you able to let go of the old and invite the new. You will have the exact know how to shift your narrative, to connect with your inner wealth and to feel calm, happy and fulfilled.

The Inner Wealth Exclusive is different, because you will not only look at your past to understand but most of all you will let it go and learn how to be in touch with what you do want. It is important to understand the old but even more important to activate the new. And where traditional therapy usually stops; going through the old over and over at a conscious level. This program takes you further to explore and to create your new you by learning how to invest in your inner wealth. You will benefit from these skills for the rest of your life. 

This program is specially made for people who created a beautiful life, having all the ingredients to feel happy and yet they don’t. And that’s probably only because you simply haven’t invested as much time and effort in your inner wealth as you did in your external wealth. It is a shame, because it can be learned (unfortunately most of us didn’t learn to take care of our inner wealth in the past from our parents, caretakers or environment, because they didn’t learn it either).  And with this effective and carefully put together program, you surely need to invest some of your precious time, but you will gain so much more.  

Fleur van Deventer Inner Wealth Provider Psychologist Hypnosis Private Coaching


Either you are going to wait some more and discover three months later nothing has changed. Or you invest in this program with the guidance of a professional therapist, who walked this path herself and shares her worldwide gained knowledge and skills.

" You are the one you have been waiting for. "

Hi, I am Fleur and I believe that it is just as important (or even more important) to invest in your inner wealth as in your outer wealth, because you can influence the way you experience life only from the inside out. 

Unfortunately, most of us are not taught (or actually untaught) to take care of our inner wealth in a positive and effective way.  Including myself. Although I was always interested in the psyche and studied Psychology at university. It wasn’t until I was forced in 2015, to do the work myself, when I really started to get conscious and grow.

I realized the traditional therapy methods, were too limited for me. I decided to do some profound research. Mostly to improve my own inner well-being. I gathered a lot of knowledge from books, video’s, by experiencing different therapies myself, meditation, yoga, by following various training courses and my travels to Colombia, Peru and India. 

I combine my knowledge, my personal experiences and what I learn from my clients in private intensive programs that are highly effective. I know how to learn from the past and transform in a conscious way. It is easier than you might think. 

The way I work is different, because we are not going to talk over and over about your problem(s). I am going to help you understand the root cause and teach you skills to transform and to cope, which you will benefit from for the rest of your life. 

Inner Wealth Provider Fleur van Deventer Psychologist Hypnosis Private Coaching


The Inner Wealth Exclusive is a private one on one program, where you will get all the knowledge, skills and tools to (re) connect with your inner wealth. I like to keep it simple yet effective and profound. I create a safe place to discover what it means to you to feel internally wealthy.


• Audio files on Perfect night sleep and on Resetting your body
You will get two recordings for free. One to get you to sleep perfectly deep and the whole night through. One to reset your body and balance your whole system at an energetic level.

• Personalized moodboard Based on the one on one sessions and what represents inner wealth to you, I will make a personal moodboard printed on canvas to visualize the new you even easier. 

• Give a free 90 minutes consult away Happiness is only real when shared. So give away a free private consult to someone who you think can benefit from it.

Inner Wealth Provider Fleur van Deventer Psychologist Hypnosis Private Coaching

As the creator of this program I am eager to guide you to (re) connect with your inner wealth. You will get the chance to work with me intensively in this one on one program. I know what investing in my inner wealth did for me, for my clients and I know what it can do for you!


• Freeing yourself from the past; 
• Releasing outdated beliefs and embracing new beliefs;
• Being happy and fulfilled in the now. You stop 
postponing your happiness;
• Feeling empowered and confident;
• Evolving your inner wealth more and more with the lifelong skills and tools;
• Being your authentic self; 
• Experience pure connections with your environment.

Inner wealth is available to you and easier than you might think. Because this program combines powerful subconscious work and intensive private guidance with the most up-to-date scientific approaches, spiritual practices that work and personal experiences.


• You are willing to invest and to take responsibility for your own growth;

• You are result orientated and you feel ready to improve your inner wealth;

• You want to stop repeating old patterns and claim your happiness now.

Here is what you will get in the 3 month 1 : 1
Inner Wealth Exclusive program

• One on one 60min sessions every week (except in the weeks when the 2h30 sessions take place, meaning 10 sessions);

• Two 2h30 sessions working with the subconscious mind to change fast and effectively by removing old blocks and installing new successful beliefs;

• Two personalized recordings to rewire you at a daily basis;

• Customized exercises to support your transformation;

• Between sessions e-mail support;

• Bonuses.

Frequently asked questions

The first few weeks are used to understand yourself by learning from your past. In week 3 we will plan the first intensive 2h30 session. It is highly effective to work with the subconscious mind. After this session, most of my clients already start to notice differences.

The program is 12 weeks in total. Besides, the weekly sessions, you need to be willing to invest in your inner wealth 15-30min on a daily basis.

I believe that in our core we are whole, happy and connected. The reason we are not in touch with our core, is learned in our pasts. By investigating the underlying issue with the powerful subconscious mind you are able to transform fast at a deep level. If you are willing to invest in the program, by showing up a 150% at the sessions and 15-30 min at a daily basis, you will certainly feel the change. Before we start we will have a discovery call to get know on both sides if we are a good match. 

Most therapist only work with the conscious mind. I also work with the subconscious mind to go to deeper blocks. And this will help you to make a profound change. Besides I combine traditional theories from my masters degree in Psychology, with all the up-to-date knowledge about body, mind and soul work with my personal experiences. I am making sure to be able to support you fully by only working with a handful of clients a month. So I can keep my own inner wealth as sparky as possible. I truly walk my talk. I have been through the whole process myself to become conscious, did a lot of inner work and I keep on investing in myself and my knowledge.

  • Feeling enthusiastic about investing in your inner wealth and ready to feel an incredible shift inside.
  • Taking responsibility for your process. I will be dedicated to guide you in the best way I can, but you need to do the work. No one can do this for you.
  • Being open and honest, because this will help you grow in the best way possible. 
  • Being committed to show up on time for our sessions and invest 15 – 30 minutes daily.

At the moment I don’t work with health insurances.

Because of the intensive private guidance I can only work with a handful of clients a month. I want to be able to give value for money and give my full attention. We will start as soon as there is a spot available.