1 : 1 Program - 1 month


This program is the most POPULAR

Your wish is my command!

Only in one month from now you will feel the difference you desire. It is easy and effective! By rewiring your mind with the subconscious mind you will give your inner wealth a massive upgrade, which will show in your external world.

One on one treatment Inner Wealth Fleur van Deventer psychologist hypnosis program

Let's take a deep look at your subconscious beliefs!

Get to know your old beliefs

Let go of those old beliefs

Install your new updated beliefs

Feel free & take action!




- Marisa Peer -

The Inner Wealth Explosion is different, because you will not only look at your past to understand but most of all you will let it go and learn how to be in touch with what you do want. It is important to understand the old but even more important to activate the new. And where traditional therapy usually stops; going through the old over and over at a conscious level. This program takes you further to explore and to create the new you. And see the results you wish!

The Inner Wealth Explosion is for people who created a beautiful life, having all the ingredients to feel happy and yet you are not at a specific area(s) of your life.


Either you are going to wait some more and discover one month later nothing has changed. Or you take this chance (which can be a bit scary) and you will notice your rapid transformation!




After our initial 'Yes, let's do this!' you will get an intake form. During the intake we will go through it so you can clarify what you want (zoom or real life).
We will sharpen the focus together!



You will get a self-hypnosis recording to use to prepare you for the intensive session. This will make you get used to the feeling of being in this altered state and get to know it isn't scary or strange at all!



During this 2 - 2,5 hour hypnosis session we will get to the root cause of your struggles in the here and now. Once you understand it, you will let it go. And now you have created space to embrace the new; what it is you want!
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Based on the intake and on the intensive session you will get an amazing personalized recording. You need to listen to it for 21 days. It only takes 15 - 20 minutes a day. It is a self-hypnosis specially made for you to rewire your mind and get what you want.
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The three weeks after the session we will stay in touch once a week to monitor how you are doing and give you support. In between you can always send a text or email with questions or things you like to share.



The third time during the support call we will evaluate. Based on your needs we can let it be or make a new plan. For example working on another issue, deepening on the same issue or more coaching.

I am highly enthusiastic to offer this one month journey.
WHY? It is super effective and it will give you results rapidly.
WHY? Working with the subconscious mind will give you access to the root cause of the problem AND access to the solution!


• Freeing yourself from the past;
• Releasing outdated beliefs and embracing new beliefs;
• Being happy and fulfilled in the now. You stop postponing your happiness;
• Feeling empowered and take action towards your goals;


• You are willing to invest and to take responsibility for your own growth;

• You are result orientated and you feel ready to improve your inner wealth;

• You want to stop repeating old patterns and claim your happiness now.

Here is what you will get in the 1 month 1 : 1
Inner Wealth Explosion program

• An intake session to specify your problem and to explore what you wish for. Including a recording to prepare you for the intensive session.

• One 2h30 intensive session working with the subconscious mind to change fast and effectively by removing old blocks and installing new successful beliefs;

• A personalized recording based on the session  to rewire your mind at a daily basis;

• Follow-up support 3 times, every week once;

• Between sessions what’s app and e-mail support.



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Happiness is only real when shared. So give away a free private consult to someone who you think can benefit from it.

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Frequently asked questions

Change often knows three ways to occur. One; instantly during the intensive session. Two; in the three weeks while using the recording and step by step. Three; while looking back in ……..time and seeing wow I am definitely different since the inner wealth explosion.

We will meet 1 hour for the intake, 2,5 hours for the intensive session and every week (3x) we follow up which will take between 5-30 minutes. Besides you need to be willing to invest in your inner wealth 15-30 min on a daily basis by listening to the recording.

I believe that in our core we are whole, happy and connected. The reason we are not in touch with our core, is learned in our pasts. By investigating the underlying issue with the powerful subconscious mind you are able to transform fast at a deep level. If you are willing to invest in the program, by showing up a 150% at the sessions and 15-30 min at a daily basis, you will certainly feel the change. Before we start we will have a discovery call to get know on both sides if we are a good match. 

Most therapist only work with the conscious mind. I also work with the subconscious mind to go to deeper blocks. And this will help you to make a profound change. Besides I combine traditional theories from my masters degree in Psychology, with all the up-to-date knowledge about body, mind and soul work with my personal experiences. I am making sure to be able to support you fully by only working with a handful of clients a month. So I can keep my own inner wealth as sparkly as possible. I truly walk my talk. I have been through the whole process myself to become conscious, did a lot of inner work and I keep on investing in myself and my knowledge.

  • Feeling enthusiastic about investing in your inner wealth and ready to feel an incredible shift inside.
  • Taking responsibility for your process. I will be dedicated to guide you in the best way I can, but you need to do the work. No one can do this for you.
  • Being open and honest, because this will help you grow in the best way possible. 
  • Being committed to show up on time for our sessions and invest 15 – 30 minutes daily.

Both is possible and just as effective. Yes it really is! So it will mostly be about practical reasons to choose one or the other. I can meet you real life in Amsterdam or at your place.

At the moment I don’t work with health insurances.

Because of the intensive private guidance I can only work with a handful of clients a month. I want to be able to give value for money and give my full attention. We will start as soon as there is a spot available.