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Inner Wealth Provider Fleur van Deventer Psychologist Hypnosis

Fleur van deventer

Feeling calm, creating my life instead of feeling life was happening to me, having fulfilling relationships with others and having more fun. 


This is what I was longing for, for years. It seemed not possible or only available to others. Until I decided to truly look myself into the mirror.

I know what it is like to feel stuck and sad, although I actually seemed to have figured it out. I had a relationship, a nice home, a job, going on holidays, nice friends, family. The outer wealth was looking great. But I felt there had to be more; truly enjoy life at a deeper level.


I was looking for calmness, meaning and connection. And I had no clue how to get there, although I already had my masters in psychology and was working as a psychologist.


My transformational shift started in 2015. Well actually I was forced to change. I dropped out from work, because I was depressed / burned out (give it a name). On top of that, half a year later, my brother passed away. I was dragged into the deep. I had nowhere to hide. I had to face myself, life, death, the meaning of life. And although I felt more stressed, stuck and alone than I ever did, it was the start of my big change.


I had no real plan and no idea where to begin, but I was like a sponge reading a lot of books, watching educational videos, journaling, meditating, trying different therapies, energy work, a psychologist, breath work, online courses, yoga, hypnosis and the best decision I made was to travel solo to Colombia, Peru and India. I spend several months with indigenous, spiritual teachers. 

I was
to change

My perspective on my past, on myself and my life transformed for the better. I felt more calm, excited and connected with others. Fully energized and confident I tried once more to fit into the regular psychological mental health care, but it confirmed I had to follow my gut and put all my knowledge and experience in the mix to create programs that work. Which of course is making my clients happy and myself too.


So here I am! Guiding successful (externally wealthy) beings to improve their inner wealth so they can experience an immense upgrade in their quality of life. Because I know, you know, it is more and more important to invest in your inner wealth to experience a calm, joyful and fulfilled life in a world that is changing fast.

I like to keep it simple, yet profound and effective!

All together I have been devoted to study the psyche for over 15 years. I am using the most up-to-date scientific approaches, to heal the past, to transform the nerve system and to use your mind most efficiently, and I combine this with spiritual practices that work. 


I am offering a safe space, where you can go to the root cause of your struggles. After understanding and acknowledging your personal issues, I empower you to make a profound change. A lasting change, because you will benefit from this awareness and inner wealth skills over and over again. 

I believe that in our core we are whole,
meant to be joyful and feeling connected.

I guide you back to your inner wealth so you will experience an amazing increase in the quality of your life and can truly enjoy your external life. 

what I do

Work With Me

Inner Wealth Provider Fleur van Deventer Psychologist Hypnosis private treatment exclusive treatment


Check out the free grab a coffee hypnosis. This recording will immediately take you to a deep relaxing state and rewires your mind to be calm, focussed and energized.

Besides on a regular bases there will be free webinars to learn about improving your inner wealth. These webinars are truly beneficial. Subscribe to stay informed.


Inner Wealth Provider Fleur van Deventer Psychologist Hypnosis private treatment exclusive treatment

1 on 1 program

This program is specially designed with a fine balance between looking back to your past to understand and activating the new you. 

There is a true treasure in acknowledging the past and analyze it with all the experiences you gained, but by letting go, real healing begins. This program will help you to go to the root cause of your problems. And will upgrade your system to live a meaningful life.

What I did


• I am an experienced psychologist and therapist. I got a Bachelor and Master degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Amsterdam. I kept on educating myself during my working career; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, System Therapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy. Besides I studied Numerology, Reiki I and I am a Yoga Teacher 200h. 

• I am highly active to keep on developing my knowledge and skills. It is a daily habit to educate myself and to take care of my own inner wealth. 


• While working in organisations I guided people with all kinds of addictions, the underlying struggles that come with it and their loved ones. Besides I gave system therapy-based treatments; partner/relationship therapy, family therapy. 


• During my travels I went to different sacred places in Peru and India to learn from different spiritual teachers. I stayed at remote places and in several ashrams to immerge into meditation, silence retraites, divine rituals, yoga and satsangs.