It is time to change effectively and fast

Getting to know yourself & changing was never so easy

 o You prefer a rapid and effective way to change instead of talking and talking and talking? 

o Do you want to stop repeating the same pattern?
Like getting down, feeling frustrated, being insecure, 
thinking of the past, worrying about the future, using alcohol or drugs,
feeling unsuccessful, unhealthy lifestyle or whatever your pattern might be….. 

o You are ready to invest in yourself and willing to discover the hidden treasure in your struggles? 

Hi, I am Fleur

Psychologist working with the subconscious mind!

I have studied the psyche for over 10 years now. And while working as a psychologist, I find out I want to do things differently, professionally and personally.
I researched in different ways why and how. I did this by gaining an immense amount of knowledge from different perspectives on psychology, the mind and life. Not only theoretically, but also by traveling to learn from teachers in Peru and India. 
Now I am here to share this with you.

I can guide you to get to know yourself at a subconscious level to free yourself from limiting beliefs, that hold you back, at any area. Any area? Yes because the presented problem is rarely the real problem. And when working with the subconscious mind it is super easy to go to the root, which makes your transformation smooth.

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Are you ready to change effectively and fast?

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The subconscious mind is like a computer and running the same programs over and over until its software gets updated. Knowing this you will understand, if you don’t look at the programs (your beliefs) that were installed in the past you will keep creating the same. This is great when creating wanted situations, but the unwanted situations feel like struggles. Consciously you can tell and see you don’t want to react, feel, act in a certain, not functional way, but it keeps happening. Why? Your outdated beliefs are active. 

It’s time to rewrite your software and create what you want and deserve. 

In a session with me you get access to unconscious memories, where beliefs were formed, which create the obstacles in the here and now. Understanding and resolving these obstacles creates room to adopt new and more functional beliefs. During the 3 hour session I guide you to the root cause and let you release the old beliefs. After you will listen to a personalized recording for at least 21 days in a row to rewire the mind and take on the new wanted beliefs. And with this upgraded software you will notice the change in the here and now rapidly.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious,
It will direct your life and you will call it fate."
Carl Jung

Work with me

A one month deep journey, which includes a 3 hour intensive to really get to the root of the problem. One personalized audio hypnosis tape, which you will listen to for 21 days. Two times half an hour follow up and an evaluation.


A three month intens journey, which includes two times a 3 hour intensive to really get to the root of the problem(s). Two personalized audio hypnosis tapes, which you will listen to for two times 21 days. Two times a one hour follow up, in between support and an evaluation.

We start with looking at your wishes and how I can make the perfect program for you. Off course it will be a great mix!

This is also available for companies.

What others say

"Initially I was skeptic about working with the subconscious mind, mostly because I did not have much knowledge about it. However, during my session with Fleur I was amazed at how I could access and go deeply into what felt like long lost memories of my childhood. These were memories that have been key in forming my perspectives and personality. With Fleur's guidance I felt I was able to work on those memories and do a re-wiring of sorts, in a way that has healed my perception of my life. After the session I started noticing changes in the way I carry myself and I am more conscious and can catch old damaging thought patterns and reactions on time. I am very happy and grateful that I had the chance of experiencing a session with Fleur. She has a lovely soothing voice that also makes her the perfect guide for such journey!"
Mariel Yglesias, Canada
"I had an online session with Fleur and it was REALLY powerful! I had an annoying automatic response every time my partner pointed out something to me. I had a hard time understanding why I did that. It was always an exaggerated reaction and it often led to discussions with my partner. Through the session with Fleur, I went back to several moments in my childhood so I could clearly understand that I had assumed a 'belief' that if I do something 'wrong', I risk losing someone's love. And that possible loss caused an intense emotional reaction in myself. Especially if I really like to see that person in question. After the session I received my personal audio that allowed me to change my belief through repetition. Amazing! Fleur is a great therapist with a calm and warm approach. I felt safe and at ease at all times! Highly recommended!"
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Ellen Vereecken, Belgium
"I felt comfortable and safe with Fleur from the intake to the end to work on a personal problem. Beforehand, Fleur gives a good idea how the therapeutic process works and what you can expect from it. The treatment is intense, but the safe, familiar atmosphere made me feel comfortable. It was easy for me to go to the root of the problem. It has given me insight into my thoughts and actions. Because of Fleur’s approach, to make me aware of my subconscious beliefs, I managed to make other choices, which make me take care of myself much better. It was a special and growing experience."
Joyce Middelkoop, Netherlands
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